Reiki, a modern day laying on of hands, stimulates feelings of pleasure and peace by re-educating the nervous system. Because Reiki is non-manipulative, it benefits everyone - even those who avoid manipulative touch therapies. Reiki treatments promote healing at the cellular level by addressing subtle energy disturbances.

Benefits of Reiki
- restores health through subtle vibration

- relieves inflamed or impinged nerves

- calms nervous distress

- releases natural vitality of body tissues

- strengthens general well-being

Toni Zuper leads Reiki initiations in a workshop format open to anyone interested in learning the practice. Participants learn the traditional method of Usui's System of Natural Healing and techniques of hands-on Reiki through self, partner and group treatments. Initiates develop a personal ritual that may benefit themselves and others.

What Conditions Can Benefit from Reiki?

- no diagnosis / no hope cases... "I've tried everything, and no one can tell me what's wrong."

- degenerative muscle/nerve disorders

- sleep deprivation - long-term recovery from chronic illness

- immune systems challenged by surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation

Cancer patients and those struggling with life-threatening illnesses often benefit from Reiki initiations. Optimally, Reiki should be administered with regular frequency - for an initiate, this is relatively easy to do, since self-treatment is effective.

Toni Zuper developed her sensitivity and skill as a Reiki healer through private tutelage and personal practice. She holds a Master Certificate, Reiki III.